Watch UFC 242 LIVE STREAM: Khabib vs Poirier UFC 242, start time, fight card, PPV price,TV coverage

UFC has always been a fascinating martial art sports event where wrestlers take place in fight. ufc 242 live stream khabib vs poirier live stream is one of the main attractions of this event as he is one of those contestants in UFC who never lost a single match in his UFC career whereas Poirier is a very consistent performer of UFC.

Next Upcoming UFC 245 is coming December 14 at las Vegas usman vs covington live stream PPV Broadcast ESPN+

Khabib is a very strong man of 155-pound who participated in 27 fights in MMA & won all of them. He also played 11 games in UFC & won all of them too. That proves how indomitable he is in this sport. His opponent Poirier is also efficient enough as he won 25 out of 30 MMA fights & 17 out of 21 UFC fights.


Khabib’s next fight will be against interim lightweight champion Dustin Poirier who won the interim lightweight belt where he defeated 145lbs champion Max Holloway.


Location: du Arena, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Trending
Date: Saturday, September 7, 2019 Source
Venue: The Arena, Yas Island
City: Abu Dhabi
Promotion: Ultimate Fighting Championship

The fight is set to take place in Abu Dhabi in September. It is considered as one of the most anticipated fights of the year. That’s why to increase the hype of this fight, the UFC has decided to arrange a press conference in the English capital so that these two fighters can express their opinions about the upcoming fight. Both the fighters showed utmost respectful to one another since the fight was announced & the viewers all around the world can expect a great fight between them when it takes place.

Though Khabib was asked a lot about his earlier opponent McGregor whom he beat in UFC 229. One reporter asked Khabib if he wanted a rematch against McGregor. 

“Last three years he has only one victory in amateur boxing,” he replied to the reporters. “How does he deserve a rematch?”


“He tapped. He begged me: ‘Please don’t kill me,’ you know? Now he’s talking about rematch?” he said too. Though he confessed later that he doesn’t want to get bothered about him anymore & he is fully concentrating on the match against Pourier.

“I have a lot of works without him. Right now I focus on September 7.” he said.

On the other hand Pourier is probably considered as the underdog heading into his UFC lightweight title unification bout with KhabibNurmagomedov, but he believes says he’s heading into their UFC 242 headliner armed to the teeth as he thinks he is well qualified enough to beat Khabib so that he can become world champion. He admits that fight against Khabib can be one of the toughest fights of his whole career but he wants to leave his footsteps in UFC by beating Khabib on September 7. “Experience, self-belief, my mindset. I’m focused on making history, and that’s all I care about,” he told MMA Junkie at the UFC 242 Live Stream news conference.

“That’s what the next 11 weeks of my life are doing to be: to prepare for 25 minutes, to do whatever I have to do to get my hand raised.” He said about his preparation for the upcoming fight.

Though Poirier knows very well aboutNurmagomedov’s record, or how skilled he is. Instead, he paid tribute to Khabib but also expressed his wish to beat the Russian & wanted to give him such an awful experience which he hasn’t experienced so far in his whole career.

“I don’t need to find huge holes (in his game) – the guy’s good, you know?” he said. “I can’t sit up here and say anything bad about the guy – he’s good. He’s a world champ.”

“But I’m going to make things happen in there and bring him to places he’s never been in there. So that’s just it.”


And Poirier confesses he is working so hard & he has learned so many things over the course of his 30-fight mixed martial arts career which will surely make him formidable against the undefeated champion when he will fight against him on September 7.

“I’ve learned that I can count on myself, that I can trust me,” he stated. “Adversity introduces a man to himself, and I’ve been through it, man.

“So I’m well acquainted, and I’m ready to rock.”

That shows that Pourier is very much confident about himself. He believes in his ability & if he can apply himself in the fight, it will surely be a mouth-watering fight to watch.

Khabib also thinks that Pourier has improved a lot in the recent past.

“I think he has very good boxing, much better than before. Every fight he becomes stronger, better in boxing on his feet.

“I think he deserves a title shot. He already interim UFC lightweight champion, I am real lightweight champion. We have to fight.”

Injury has prevented Nurmagomedov from being very active the last six years, though he’s planning for a busy few months.

UFC 242 fight card


There are several fights to take place in ufc which are categorized under weights of the participants. The main fight is between KhabibNurmagomedov &Dustin Poirier (ic) in the lightweight category of 155lbs. There are some other fight cards under lightweight & heavyweight categories which are given below :

265 lbs.: ShamilAbdurakhimov vs. Curtis Blaydes (Heavywight)
155 lbs.: Islam Makhachev vs. Davi Ramos (Lightweight)
155 lbs.: Diego Ferreira vs. MairbekTaisumov (Lightweight)

UFC 242 latest news


KhabibNurmagomedov’s camp recently gave warning to Khabib’s rival Conor McGregor to be secured enough if he wishes to arrive in Abu Dhabi.

The Russian star will appear in the ufc 242 live stream championship to defend his title against Dustin Poirier in the Abu Dhabi on September 7 after he had beaten the Irishman in a breath taking fight on last October.

Meanwhile McGregor was offered a cageside seatUFC president Dana Whiteto watch the fight of Khabib against the Pourier.

But Khabib Nurmagomedov’s trainer Javier Mendez has already notified about issued the sensitive issue regarding McGregor’s personal attacks against Khabib’s religion & his family members.

Speaking exclusively to SunSport, his trainer Mendez said: “If Conor shows up I think they better have a lot of security – that’s a Muslim country and I don’t think he’s made many friends.

“He better come well protected as a lot of people take offence to how he attacked Khabib’s country, their religion and attacked his father.” He added too.

Mendez also said, “The three things that they’re known to adore and hold dearer than life are those three things.Conor knows what he’s doing and he attacked those three things and he did the worst thing you could ever do by attacking his wife.”

Previously Khabib defeated the Irishman at UFC 229 but he threw some unpleasant words at him which was totally unacceptable to him.


UFC lightweight champion KhabibNurmagomedov has told his rival Conor McGregor to behave himself ahead of his September title defense against Dustin Poirier, warning the Irishman that his ‘shenanigans’ won’t work in Abu Dhabi.

Nurmagomedovwill undertake the second defense of his championship at UFC 242 in Abu Dhabi on September 7 against interim titleholder Poirier. However, given the heated nature of the Russian’s rivalry with McGregor, it seems that the Irishman is still very much on his mind.

Both fighters have been involved in several incidents dating back more than a year. Nurmagomedov and several members of his team antagonized McGregor’s teammate ArtemLobov in Brooklyn in April 2018, prompting McGregor to board a flight from Dublin to New York to confront Nurmagomedov, leading to the now-infamous ‘bus attack’ which transpired in the car park of Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, ultimately leading to McGregor’s arrest. 

At their fight in October of last year, which Nurmagomedov won by fourth round submission, the Russian was handed a suspension for his part in inciting a post-fight brawl inside and outside of the cage with members of McGregor’s team.

Nurmagomedov has warned McGregor that any repeat of these incidents will not be looked on kindly in the predominantly Muslim Abu Dhabi.

“It will be more difficult to leave Abu Dhabi than New York” Khabib said to Russia’s Rossiya-24.

“If he wants to come, he should sit and watch the fights because it will be impossible to pull any of his underhanded tricks there, because Abu Dhabi is not New York by any means.

UFC 242 date, start time


Event: UFC 242: “KhabibNurmagomedov & Dustin Poirier ”
Date: Sat., Sept. 7, 2019

Time : 12:00 AM + 6
Location: The Arena, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Broadcast: Pay-per-view (PPV), ESPN

How to watch UFC 242 Khabib vs Poirier Live Stream

Famous sports telecast channel ESPN has taken a great move by announcing a partnership with UFC for telecasting the most anticipating matches of UFC history. A deal had been which began on Jan 1,2019. The deal is said to run for five years. It was confirmed in apress release of ESPN that the deal is  worth $750 million.

According to that deal, ESPN will work as the new streaming service of UFC for five years. Besides, the viewers can watch the match online. There is also an application in google play store by using which the viewers can watch the match live. There is also pay per view system for the live streaming of the match.

How To Watch Poirier Vs Khabib Live Stream On Kodi For Free


The necessity of Kodi can arise in case someone wants to see the match of Khabib&Pourier live. As UFC- Ultimate Fighting Championship is undoubtedly the most viewed sports events worldwide. The providers and sponsors are aware of the fact that people don’t want to miss the high voltage matches of UFC history at any cost.

That’s why they are assuring that the important matches of UFC are kept paid one so that people can’t directly stream the UFC matches on their device. In that case you need to pay for watching a match which is called PPV (Pay Per View). The cost of Pay Per View is as high as 59$ per match. Most of the users find it difficult for them to spend such an amount of money to search watch UFC matches. They would rather prefer to watch the match for free. This is where Kodi plays a vital role.

If you are very much eager to watch UFC 242 on Kodi and are doubtful how to make this possible, you don’t have to worry. you can enjoy UFC 242 Live Stream on your Kodi device along with this exhilarating match.

UFC is the most popular MMA tournament which a huge number of people follow around the globe. Thoughit is so popular, UFC is only telecast live in a few selected countries via several channels.

It should also be kept in mind that in the process of trying to watch UFC on Kodi, you need to be aware of the privacy protection of your device.

By using a VPN you can connect to different servers from different countries which allows you to access to the localized content of that region from where you can watch the match.

In addition to that, your IP address gets replaced with a new IP address, then you will be safe and secured at the same time. The overall procedure is given below :

  1. Sign up for this VPN (recommended)
  2. Set it up on Kodi
  3. Change IP location to either UK or US from the list of servers available through the VPN
  4. Install Planet MMA Addon from Supremacy Repository
  5. Enjoy UFC streaming on Kodi without any lags

You can use Planet MMA to watch the UFC matches. There are also other recommended addons or alternatives to Planet MMA which are:

  1. SportsDevil
  2. Made in Canada IPTV

You can also use them to watch UFC on Kodi. In addition, if you want to give these bonus addons a go, be our guest!

  1. Sports World
  2. The Pyramid

You can also use PPV to watch the match. It is one of the most popular media players that supports multiple platforms. It is required to install Kodiaddons to watch the contents. Among all the addons to watch PPV on Kodi, only a few PPV addons are available for UFC section which are totally free.  only a few of addons would work well.

Sportsdevil is one of the main addons in Kodi to show live UFC matches. There are lots of categories and sub-categories which make it very exclusive. After openingSportsdevil, you have to select from the providers’ list. Then choose the category as Boxing/WWE/UFC which you want to watch.

White Devil Streams is one of the top live streaming addons. There are options of watching the replays of the previous matches along with the live streams. You have to make sure to stream the right provider so that you can get the right content.

BT Sports and Sky Sports are the major providers of the UFC event here. If you want to see the match in BTSports select “BTSports 2″ and to see Sky Sports select “Sky Sports Main Events”. These are the streams where UFC events will be broadcasted, so make sure to hit them. You need to navigate to LIVE TV section to see the live streaming of the UFC matches. Install the White Devil Streams Kodiaddon from Brettus Repository.

Before accessing these add-ons, it’s our responsibility to let you know the risk involved in streaming such UFC and other PPV events. Watching these paid events for free is illegal and you may end up facing issues from your ISP. So it is highly recommended to connect to a reliable VPN network like IPVanish to stream UFC on Kodi. By using VPN you can hide your IP address and stream safety without any hassle and avoid ISP tracking your online activities.

Watch all the UFC match at a cheap price


Fans get crazy when it comes to watch the Ultimate Fighting Championships. No matter what happens, they don’t want to miss the matches of UFC. But if they get opportunity to watch the matches at a cheap price, who wouldn’t grab the opportunity?

But the UFC authority is aware of the demand of the match of Khabib vs Pourier to the the fans. But however there are so many scopes to watch the match at cheaper rate.

Use of VPN

One of them is using VPN. There are so many VPNs available in the web. But only a few of them are trustworthy enough to use. ExpressVPN is one of the reliable VPNs which you can use to watch the match.


One of the prime options to see the match at cheap rate is to use torrent. There are a lot of torrent sites that are dedicated enough totelecast the UFC fights, but only a few of them are helpful & user friendly to use. Among them this forum is very much helpful in finding different torrents where you can see the matches.

There is also alternative torrent site to The Pirate Bay and using search often turns up goose egg most of the time, so using forums seems the way to go. But you should know very well that there are very plenty of risks associated with the actual process of torrenting as during  downloading it from a network of peers, various types of virus can attack the computer which are normally smaller than they are with regular downloads. It’s better to keep a distance from such uploaders you don’t know and also from such torrents where no viewers have commented so that you can realize whether it’s trustworthy or not.

That’s why you just have to make sure you don’t forget to use one of our best VPN for torrentingbefore you see the match.

Live Stream Poirier Vs KhabibFor Cheap


If you’ve spent a lot of time on the internet to watch various types of sports by live streaming, you know very well that there are so many live streaming available to show the matches live to the viewers. The only concern during those live streams are lots of malware traps and cascading pop-ups the streaming sites feature. Here at we prefer other pirate ships than this one, but more on that below.

Streaming UFC is best done through two sites we can certainly recommend you to watch matches. In some cases, they can be unsafe but you should know very well how to remain protected & protect your device too. or are the two streaming sites where you can watch the match live.

Both of them offer decent archives and plenty of promises of upcoming matches which will take place in UFC. The quality of the videos looks decent & comfortable to watch okay. Occasionally there can be some pop-ups which might irritate you to watch the match. To get rid of that, it’s better to use some best pop-up blockers.

Steps to get UFC for less than half price


When you intend to watch the matches of UFC for free, you look for different Free streaming sites to see the matches without any cost. But you should know that free live streaming sites are not legal and they constantly install lots of cookies and ad-trackers onto your computer which might hamper your computer & virus & malware might attack too. Also in some cases, those sites would ask you to register and download a program which is irritating often.

Nobody wants such interruption in the middle of one of the most anticipated fights of the UFC history. To get rid of such occurrences, it is recommended to watch the matches from the UFC official site.

However, due to licensing deals with local broadcasters, it is blocked in certain countries. But if you know how to solve the issue, you can certainly take necessary steps for that by overcoming the restrictions with a VPN.

As UFC.TV charges different prices from the users living in different countries, even if you live in a country without any blocks, A VPN can be used by you to find the cheapest prices of UFC matches on your Fight Pass and pay-per-view fights.

UFC.TV provides the simplest and safest way to livestream fights. If you’re a regular fan of UFC fights & don’t want to miss any UFC fights, you can get a Fight including a 7-day free trial.If any error message comes such as : “Due to broadcast restrictions, this video is not available within a UFC FIGHT PASS subscription or as a pay-per-view in your region. Please check your local TV listings for viewing information. This event is currently blocked in your region.”

Then you have to resolve the issue by using a VPN.

VPN will help to change the IP address of you from your real one to that one which belongs to the server.So if you’re in UK but you connect to a server in the USA, UFC.TV will read your location as in the US, and you’ll get access to all the content someone there would.

How to watch Poirier vs Khabib UFC 242 on Kodi using Supremacy addon?


Supremacy Kodiaddon is the best addon having all the exclusive features in the supremacy repository. This is another cool live TV addon where you can watch UFC on Kodi. It is widely known for its sports contents. You have to install the addon navigate to live sports section where you can find the list of all matches which are scheduled to be broadcast on that day. You just have to make sure that you access this addon before the match and be aware of time difference between your country & Abu Dhabi.

There is also option for replay of previous matches which took place in UFC. In the sports replays section, you can find the streams of previous matches. It is enriched with all the matches of UFC from the beginning to the last match of UFC. By exploring all the contents you will surely enjoy the benefit of using supremacy.

How to watch Khabib vs Poirier UFC 242 on Kodi using Planet MMA?


Planet MMA is considered as the best kodiaddon to watch the UFC matches. It doesn’t need any introduction to the UFC lover as it’s known to the UFC fans of all over the world. Here you can stream the live match as well as watch the previous UFC matches. Supremacy repository is needed to install Planet MMA. After the installation of addons, you have to navigate to “UFC Fight Night” and select “UFC Nights“. In this list, you can find all the matches of UFC (latest one so far). The update of all live stream matches are given on the top of the list so that you can find them easily.

To install the Planet MMA addon, use the following steps:

  • After launching, go to System.
  • Access File Manager.
  • Select Source.
  • Select None.
  • Name it as Supremacy.
  • Click OK.
  • Go to Addons from the Homescreen.
  • Click the box icon.
  •  Install from zip file.
  • Select Supremacy.
  • Select the Zip file that pops up.
  • Wait for the addon to install.
  • After receiving the notification about the addon being installed, go one step back to select Install from repository.
  • Select Supremacy.
  • Access Video Addons.
  • Select Planet MMA.
  • Click Install.
  • Wait for Planet MMA to install.
  • Once installed, launch Addons.
  • Select Planet MMA from the available options to stream UFC 234 for free when it is aired.

Unblock Channels For UFC 242: Poirier Vs Khabib For Free


UFC Fight Night has gained so much popularity in the recent years. The events which were broadcast on Spike, Fox Sports, and UFC Fight provide streaming service. In 2019 ESPN signed a deal with UFC & took the broadcasting right to telecast the UFC matches. But there are certain limitations to watch the matches as to watch UFC Fight Night, you need to be located in the correct region. Otherwise the ESPN authority will block your access. But in that case, you have alternative options as you can unblock the channels for UFC 242 to watch the match between Khabib&Pourier live.

One of the easiest ways to watch the UFC Fight Night without blackouts is by following the steps given below :

  1. Sign up for ExpressVPN (includes a 30-day money back guarantee).
  2. After opening the client, locate a server in the United States.
  3. Open a browser and connect to Watch ESPN or you can download the app. Then sign with your credentials either from the service or from your satellite subscription. In case you don’t have access to any of those, you better sign up for ESPN+. The premium sports service costs $4.99 a month. Then register while connected to a VPN server in the United States.
  4. Watch and enjoy UFC Fight Night events without any trouble.

There is another option for you to watch the match if you want to use VPN & unblock the channel. In that case,Nord VPN is an excellent choice when you unblock live sporting events and streaming services. The VPN helps you to unblock Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and many more channels. But at first you need a subscription for paid services like CBS All Access but NordVPN will help you unblock the geo-restrictions.


As the NordVPN app is easy to use, you need to select a server location from the map or from a list of specified countries given there. Unfortunately, NordVPN doesn’t allow you choose a specific city in locations like the United States.

Rather it will select a server based on your current location. Sometimes it gives slightly slower speeds than ExpressVPN. Otherwise, NordVPN offers everything you need to unblock your favorite websites.

Official Channels To Live Stream Poirier Vs Khabib Online

Country Broadcasting Channel
United States Fox Sports 1
United Kingdom BT Sport
Australia Main Event
South America Fox Sports 1
France RMC
Brazil Globo
Portugal Kombat Sport
India Sonyliv
Canada Fight Network
China PPTV
Russia Russia 2

Watch The Biggest UFC Fight – Conor Poirier VS Khabib On Main Event In Australia

MAIN EVENT is Australia’s Pay-Per-View event channel through which you can enjoy the biggest LIVE sports and entertainment from around the world in the comfort of your own home. they bring you a wide range of events including WWE, UFC, concerts, local and international boxing and kickboxing.

They were known as Event TV. It is Australia‘s only pay-per-view channel. It transmits through Foxtel and Optus Television, who jointly own the channel. You can watch the broadcasting of major sporting and entertainment events such as boxingprofessional wrestlingmixed martial arts and concerts.


To watch through Main Event, you have to visit their website at first. There you have to order the event which you want to see. Either you can choose Foxtel or Optus TV. If you choose Foxtel, then you can select the ordering method of using the app. In that case you have to follow the given steps :

1. Download the MyFoxtel app available on the Apple store and Google Play

2. Login using your Foxtel ID

3. Select Store icon 

4. Scroll through to choose your event

5. Follow the prompt to complete the purchase.

If you want to order online, then follow :

1. Login to ‘Foxtel My Account’ & use your Foxtel ID and password

2. On the right side of the top menu, click on your name and a menu will allow you to select ‘My Account’

3. From your ‘My Account’ page, inside the ‘My Package’ block, select ‘Store & Main Event’

4. Scroll down to choose your Main Event

You can also order the event via your remote control. In that case, you need to check the following steps:

1. If your IQ box is connected via an IP connection to the internet you can watch pay-per-view events with your remote control.

2. Just press “on demand” or “box office” on your remote, select “Rentals” and follow the menu to MAIN EVENT

3. Select your event

The final way is by doing to phone call. For that –

1. Call 131 999

2. Follow the prompts to Main Event

A $2 booking fee will be applied for Foxtel direct residential customers who will book a Main Event through a Foxtel phone agent from 26 June 2019.

Watch UFC 242 – Poirier  VS Khabib On BellMTSIn Canada

It is the Canada’s bestnational network which provides access to the most advanced wireless technology, LTE-A, with faster surfing, streaming and sharing.


Bell MTS Pay-Per-View (PPV) events give you front-row seating to some of the best live TV events without having to leave the comfort of your couch.

The feature of pay per view in BellMTS certainly allows you to purchase live events such as mixed martial arts, wrestling, hockey and other special events from the Program Guide or while watching a channel in full screen. Following to that if you live in Canada, BellMTS is the perfect platform to watch the UFC matches live.

  • In case of pay per view, after renting a PPV event you must wait until its scheduled time before you can watch it.
  • Record the event at its scheduled time and watch it whenever you want to see it after that.
  • Keep in mind that you will be charged for a rented PPV event even if you do not watch it.

There are lots of options which are available in BellMTS such as:

  • Wireless services
  • Wireless device repair
  • Internet services
  • TV services
  • Phone services
  • AAA Security
  • Business Solutions
  • Bill payment location

As you would prefer to see the UFC match of Khabib&Pourier, so you have to pay $64.99 for high definition price. There are two categories under it.

  • Fibe TV Tune in to channel 1801 to order.
  • Satellite TV Tune in to channel 832 (HD) or 399 (SD) to order.

The Official Promo For UFC 242 Live Stream – Poirier  VS Khabib By BT Sports

UFC 229 Khabib v McGregor: Press Conference

The UFC 242 Live Stream between Khabib&Pourier has caught the attraction of so many UFC fighters fan all over the world. They are eagerly waiting for the fight which will take place within 2 months. Recently a press conference was held by UFC authority where Khabib&Pourier responded to the questions of so many reporters & journalists. They faced each other too.

The official promo has been released too regarding the fight between them. Later UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedo vs poke to Nick Peet shortly after the UFC 242 Live Stream press conference to talk everything from that crazy night in Las Vegas where he faced his arch rival McGregor & beat him  to his upcoming fight with Dustin Poirier in Abu Dhabi.

In addition to that, ahead of his title unification bout with KhabibNurmagomedov at UFC 242, Dustin Poiriersat down with Nick Peet to discuss about how he rose to the top and how he plans to go further in the future.

Poirier vs Khabib – What time does UFC 242 start in the UK?

KhabibNurmagomedovfought in UFC for the last time when he facedConor McGregor in a heavy clash. After a big break he will face Dustin Poirier at UFC 242 Live Stream in Abu Dhabi in September.

The 30 years old Russian was then fined and banned for nine months for a brawl following his win over the Irishman.

30 years old Poiriernow holds the interim title after beating fellow American Max Holloway in April,2019

The championship fight between Khabib&Pourier will take place on Saturday, 7 September.

The fans of UFC in the whole world are waiting eagerly for the fight of them so are the fans living in UK. Though the fight is scheduled for 7 September, it will be 8 September in UK by then. So in UK time the fight will take place at “00:00 – 02:00 +06”